VIP & Celebrity Reputation Management

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For VIP and celebrities more than most other people, your name is your brand. It takes a lot of good work to build up a positive brand, but only hours to destroy one, thanks to the far-reaching possibilities of the internet. That’s why online reputation management for celebrities is so critical.

The Internet provides VIP and celebrity personalities with an unprecedented opportunity to reach out and interact with fans. Unfortunately, the anonymity available online also creates a platform where VIPs and celebrities can be attacked viciously. It is the foolhardy VIP or celebrity who doesn’t have an active online reputation management plan in place.

VIP and celebrities are more accessible than ever before, thanks to an ever-increasing array of gossip sites, social media platforms, and media publications, all hungry for provocative (but not necessarily always truthful) stories. But when a celebrity attempts to change their personal brand, and does so in a less than subtle way, things can go awry quickly.

Jayson works quietly, behind the scenes, to craft online profiles in a way that doesn't seem forced. The Internet doesn't sleep, and managing a vip or celebrity's online reputation is a round-the-clock endeavor. When every picture, video, and comment can spread faster than wildfire, an online reputation management company like us can serve as a first responder. We use both automated and human-powered solutions for maintaining our clients reputation.

We are not only about protecting a reputation, we're about building it, too. We work hard with renowned figures and their management teams to carefully understand a desired image. By diligently defining how a VIP or celebrity would like to come across to his or her audience, we are better able to use our strategies to maintain and propagate that image.

A good image means different things for different persons, so we take an individual approach to each of our clients. Need help crafting a more positive public perception? We have the tools and expertise to make it happen.

Our diligent oversight ensures that no bad press goes unnoticed, and that negative material is responded to quickly and carefully.